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    Featured Local Artist Archive

    Launched in March 2010,'s "Featured Local Artist of the Month" program aims to highlight the vast amount and wide range of creative work happening in the Sacramento community.

    Jump to: 2016 Artists; 2015 Artists; 2014 Artists; 2013 Artists; 2012 Artists; 2011 Artists; 2010 Artists.


    2016 Artists

    March Featured Artist Archive Crop
    Benjamin Ismail

    February Featured Artist Archive Crop
    Karisa Gold

    January Featured Artist Archive Crop
    Gioia Fonda


    2015 Artists

    December Featured Artist Archive Crop
    Priscilla Ameneyro

    November Featured Artist Archive Crop
    Parie Wood

    October Featured Artist Archive Crop
    Gayle Rappaport-Weiland

    September Featured Artist Archive Crop
    Thomas Ramey

    August Featured Artist Archive Crop
    Melissa Uroff

    June Featured Artist Archive Crop
    Andy Cunningham

    May Featured Artist Archive Crop
    Jay Canter

    April Featured Artist Archive Crop
    Demetris "B.A.M.R" Washington

    March Featured Artist Archive Crop
    Louise Thompson Schiele


     March Featured Artist Archive Crop
    Dwight "Terry" Head

     January Featured Artist Archive Crop
    Marc Foster



    2014 Artists

    December Featured Artist Archive Crop
    Cherie Hacker


    November Featured Artist Archive Crop
    David Webb


    October Featured Artist Archive Crop
    Pamela Tuohy-Novinsky


    September Featured Artist Archive Crop
    Vince Horiuchi

    August Featured Artist Archive Crop
    Eben Burgoon

    July Featured Artist Archive Crop
    Cynthia Linville

    Julie Okahara


    Kristi Hughes

    Chris Thompson

    Nicole McKeever

    Kerri Warner


    2013 Artists

    Amy Cluck-McAlister

    Jason Bove

    Janine Mapurunga

    David Blue Garrison

    Ryan Douglas

    Derek Thomas

    Markos Egure

    Shawn Aveningo

    James Cavern


    Tim Collom


    2012 Artists

    Eileen Downes

    Adam Reeder


    Featured Local Artist of the Month - Jeff Knorr - October 2012
    Jeff Knorr


    Jill Allyn Stafford

    Alexandra Cunningham - Featured Local Artist of the Month - August 2012
    Alexandra Cunningham

    Wes Davis - Featured Local Artist of the Month - July 2012
    Wes Davis

    David Peterson

    Terry Moore - Featured Local Artist - May 2012
    Terry Moore

    Daniel Mendoza

    Steve Hamm - Featured Local Artist - March 2012
    Steve Hamm

    Kristin Hartman - Featured Local Artist - February 2012
    Kristin Hartman

    Alex Trujillo - Featured Local Artist - January 2012
    Alex Trujillo


    2011 Artists

    Tracy Saville - Featured Local Artist - December 2011
    Tracy Saville

    Jared Konopitski - Featured Local Artist - November 2011
    Jared Konopitski 

    Brooke Walker-Knoblich - Featured Local Artist - October 2011
    Brooke Walker-Knoblich

    Nanci Zoppi - Featured Local Artist - September 2011
    Nanci Zoppi

    Goran K. King - Featured Local Artist - August 2011
    Goran K. King

    Nicholas Wray - Featured Local Artist - July 2011
    Nicholas Wray

    Margo Mullen - Featured Local Artist - June 2011
    Margo Mullen

    Gabrielle Beniston - Featured Local Artist - May 2011
    Gabrielle Beniston

    Van der Neer - Featured Local Artist - April 2011
    Van der Neer

    Marianne Bland - Featured Local Artist - March 2011
    Marianne Bland

    Terrence Martin - Featured Local Artist - February 2011
    Terrence Martin

    Jeff Musser - Featured Local Artist - January 2011
    Jeff Musser


    2010 Artists

    Steve Duroncelet - Featured Local Artist - December 2010
    Steve Duroncelet

    Autumn Sky - Featured Local Artist - November 2010
    Autumn Sky

    Jeff Felker - Featured Local Artist - October 2010
    Jeff Felker

    Shane Grammer - Featured Local Artist - September 2010
    Shane Grammer

    Clemon Charles - Featured Local Artist - August 2010
    Clemon Charles

    Sofia Lacin & Hennessy Christophel - Featured Local Artists - June 2010
    Sofia Lacin & Hennessy Christophel

    Ava Lemert - Featured Local Artist - May 2010
    Ava Lemert

    Raphael Delgado - Featured Local Artist - April 2010
    Raphael Delgado

    Micah Crandall-Bear - Featured Local Artist - March 2010
    Micah Crandall-Bear

    • Make it a Night! from Phillip Alan Films on Vimeo.

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