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"There are certain singer-songwriters who soak up so many influences that they transcend genres. Artists such as Leonard Cohen, Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young, for example. Blue Oaks, singer Brendan Stone’s band, exists in this realm, though its sound has a more rustic, natural quality about it. Stone’s smooth baritone compliments the music’s tenderness like the wind rustles the leaves on a tree. It’s got elements of soul, blues and indie, but really, it’s not any of those; it’s just Stone singing his heart out onstage for anyone who wants to listen. He’s backed by drummer Cody Walker." – Aaron Carnes Sacramento News & Review 2/21/13

"Johnny Cash may be single-handedly responsible for putting the city of Folsom on the pop-culture map with his woeful prison blues, but four decades later, not much else comes to mind when hearing the name. In need of resurgence, Blue Oaks may just be the guys for the job. Frontman Brendan Stone’s smoky, mature vocals are smoothly velveted over somber-sounding minor chords, creating a soundscape reminiscent of singer-songwriter patriarchs—Tom Waits and Neil Young, most notably—that is so often attempted but rarely well-executed. The perfect soundtrack to the impending fall gloom, Blue Oaks should surely not be missed." – Crystal Villalobos – Sacramento News & Review

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