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Bobbi Baldwin

Bobbi Baldwin is a versatile painter who works mostly in oil, soft pastel, and bronze. Her plein air paintings are both figurative and expressive, while her portrait and still life work are completely lifelike in a romantic realism. The portraits are meticulously created with the clear and deep feeling of life exuding from every detail and stroke. The paintings reminiscent of Renoir or Sargent are both vibrant and strong in color and composition. With great epiphanies of awareness, collectors become enthralled with her technical insights to create with two different methods ranging from the layering of an under painted, grisaille & bistre (dating back to Renaissance painters) and the method of painting directly on canvas pushing the strength of brilliant, beautiful color. Progression towards illuminating vibrancy in color has been a drive in Bobbi’s work as well as creating a feeling of motion and movement.



  • Painting Teeth - Bobbi Baldwin video snippets from her instructional DVD's - available for purchase.

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  1. Looking for a local artist to paint a portrait of my daughters wedding
    On November 7th in Clarksburg (old sugar mill) .
    Would like to know your fees?


    • Hi Maria,

      Please email Bobbi directly at

      All the best with wedding planning,


  2. Hi Maria,
    I understand you are looking for a portrait artist for your daughter’s wedding in November. I would enjoy discussing with you, what it is that I do. I’ve been painting custom portraits since 1982. It’s a great passion for me to create special paintings for my clients.

    Would you like me to call you? My number is 916 505-8253. I look forward to hearing your ideas about this

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