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Cary Farley

Cary Farley is an enthusiastic eater who loves to cook, is passionate about food, music and health. He feels that good nutrition plays an important role in our general health and wellbeing, and he has a master’s degree in health science. Having spent time as a single man who loved to cook, he thought he would combine his experiences—as well as his musical background—to write the perfect dating book that blends advice, food and music to help guys (and gals) learn the fine art of preparing a meal at home for their love interests.

Mr. Date Night, though, represents only one of his ongoing passions. He is also a professional musician, who was introduced to music by his mother and father. Cary was seven years old when he learned to play the organ and often performed at special care institutions and recitals. Cary currently resides in Northern California, where he continues to craft his music and teach health classes at a local high school. Cary enjoys working with his students, counseling them, sharing his own experiences to reach them, and encouraging them to set their own goals.

Aside from teaching, Cary is in high demand for concerts at intimate venues around Northern and Central California. With his authentic and distinct music style, Cary’s music is widely used by the film and music industry and for the field of health and wellness. Cary just recently completed his latest CD, Goodnight. The new album features 14 beautifully composed tracks, which include piano, guitar, cello,

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