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Chris Herman

This series of art began in the ’00s as a collection of black and white faces on stickers, stencils, and large photocopied posters. The style is often referred to as “street art.” They were applied in various urban locations around the Los Angeles area onto electrical utility boxes, bus benches, construction site scaffolds, etc.

-2016 An Introduction, Panama Art Factory, Sacramento, CA (solo exhibition)
-2016 Au Courant -New Resident Show, Panama Art Factory, Sacramento (group)
-2006 Sticky Rick Presents, Peel Here, Los Angeles (group)
-2006 Vinyl Killers 4, Goodfoot, Portland, OR (group)
-2005 Sticky Rick Presents, Peel Here, Los Angeles (group)
-2005 Vinyl Killers 3, Goodfoot, Portland, OR (group)
-2005 Liquid City Presents, Elysium-50 Artists, Hollywood (group)
-2004 Put up or Shut up, Bergamot Station-Track 16, Santa Monica (group)


  • Untitled, 3up v2, 2016 Acrylic on wood panel, 28.75 x 40.75

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