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D. Pierre Butler

I started working in clay for the first time just about five years ago, with the intention of someday being able to contribute back to the people of Jamaica in the form of teaching ceramic arts as a trade. Pookie is a given nickname and hence the name "Pookie Pots" was born. My work has always encompassed "The Return", life’s return to its origination or at least the knowledge of where one comes from. I feel blessed to be able to convey a message or inspiration both in the pieces that I form and by the interpretation of the art that I create. The functional ceramic vessels, sculptures and wall pieces I create originate from my emotions, they also represent moments and movements in time. In my creations I address the profound strength and beauty of the women in my life, "Dear Momma", and in life, "Change" has come. When I am covered armpit deep in clay is when I am in what you may call "The Zone", I am at one with the clay. It is during this time that I am truly content; it has become a place where I can be totally free and open. I hope through my artwork you are inspired or moved and will pass the message or inspiration on to someone else, and that this process will keep art alive and breathing. "The Hands That Speak" "When I Speak Let Not The Words Be All That Is Heard Listen To The Feelings Which Born Them And Allow That To Correct Any Distortion Caused By The Inaccuracy Of My Speech" © D. Pierre Butler


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