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Dennis Sheil

Dennis Sheil art is a reflection of the abstract life he leads; often times calming and peaceful, other times frenzied and chaotic. His work has been described as loose and free flowing, yet structured and detailed – all the while, maintaining an “organic” feel.

Creating a painting can be challenging. When he picks up a brush, pallet knife, or even a spatula to start a new piece, he usually does not have a specific idea or concept in mind. Sheil literally and figuratively starts with a blank canvas and see where my mind takes me. My mood, the music he is listening to, and countless other factors in my life ultimately influence the colors, intensity, and complexity of the piece.

Creating illusions of nature using acrylic, with the occasional inclusion of gold or silver, infuses the work with the energy he feels while painting. It’s my hope that as the viewer becomes lost in the work, they become charged with that same energy, while still experiencing the peaceful sense of visiting a strange and wonderful place.


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