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Derreck Jackson

As local art galleries, restaurants, bars, boutiques, and tattoo parlors have come and gone in Midtown, he is one of a handful of artists that have stood the tests of time by always creating individually unique artistic works, while side-stepping the artificial boundaries set out by the existing establishment — from college instructors to gallery owners.

DerreckJ Arts came of age as an illustrator and painter in Midtown Sacramento along with a diverse and talented group of local studio artists, street performers, dancers, musicians, rappers, graphic designers, and graffiti artists.

He used his experiences of organizing pop-up art shows and ever-evolving artistic collaborations with other locals like Shaun Burner, Leon AC Willis, Emagn1, Eli Trujillo, Raul Mejia, Josh Silveira, 2Hermano, Iron Monkey Tattoo, ArtMix at The Crocker, Wide Open Walls, Rebel Galeria, and Raphael Delgado to help motivate at first, then accelerate his own artistic vision and style forward to where it is at today. It’s exciting to see the Cap City start to support and appreciate it’s younger generations of artists today.

There is no doubt that DerreckJ Arts along with dozens of other local artists, galleries, boutiques, salons, coffee shops, and curator’s hard work the last 15 years has aided in starting to open the public’s eyes to the necessity of supporting 916 artists both monetarily and by direct action. 


  • Art Exhibit (2019)

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