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Ellen Johnson

Ellen Johnson enjoys expanding her talents in multiple formative areas as a vocalist, author, lyricist, songwriter, producer, educator, actor, poet, promoter, creative consultant, sound energy facilitator and entrepreneur. Her devotion to music and the arts span a forty year range that include a professional singing and acting career along with developing her own record label and educational division (Vocal Visions), video production and artist promotion company (Sound Visions Media), and creativity/sound energy consulting and workshops (Sound Creativity).

Ellen grew up listening to her mother sing and play piano laying the foundation for her passion for music. Her birthplace, Chicago, Illinois, is where this entrepreneurial spirit began her journey into the creative arts. At the age of sixteen she was chosen to attend the prestigious Northwestern University summer acting program, which inspired her to become an actress. It wasn’t until she turned nineteen that she began singing after being advised to take some lessons for future acting auditions.

Ellen has performed, recorded and studied with many exceptional musicians including; Charles McPherson , Louie Bellson, Bobby McFerrin, Sheila Jordan, Jay Clayton, Don Braden, Willie Pickens, Roy McCurdy, Billy Drummond, Cameron Brown, Rick Helzer, John Clayton, Gene Aitken, Hugh Martin, Marni Nixon, and George Shirley.

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