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Goran King

Goran K. King was born in New England in 1942. He received his first pocket knife at the age of 7 and has been carving ever since. King says: "In my late 20s I chose to put my art training aside to support my family by working two jobs in order to make ends meet. Now, here I am starting all over again, and I’m having a blast. I have no regrets for my past decisions though I would change a few things given the opportunity. Life is interesting regarding the paths we choose to take at any given juncture. There’s a reason I chose the path I took, now I get to discover how it will impact not only my work but the art world in general. It’s going to be a glorious ride.”

King sculpted "Ghost Writer" using polymer resin in his casting-the-void method. The void is the sculpture. He conceived this method as an alternative to the very expensive bronze casting process and applied it to his work at Mount San Antonio College’s Fine Art program in 1973. The addition of light gives it a crystalline affect. "Ghost Writer" was accepted and displayed at the 2010, Bold Expressions 55th International juried art exhibit, in Sacramento, CA. From 283 entries from around the world, only 29 art pieces received an award. King’s "Ghost Writer" was among them.

In 2007, Goran and his spouse, also an artist, won entry into the coveted California State Fair’s Fine Art Competition, taking home three awards for their natural stone medallions, a few of which can be seen in the Stone Gallery. In December 2010, h

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