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Jason Bove

Jason Bove (doctorbove) is a local Sacramento artist. Mr. Jason Bove was born Jason Bove, in the gorgeous midwest sector of the United States. He has presently found an even more pristine setting on the west side to reside and may now be your neighbor and friend. In his free time, he has participated in a variety of solo and group art shows throughout the United States. Normally, he works with abstract acrylic paintings, but has also been known to dabble with other creative endeavors when the need arises.

For instance, he took part in the Sacramento News and Review Newsstand Art Project of 2011, developing a robot constructed from scrap metal that included a functional head which swiveled 360 degrees. Inspired by the Sacramento band, Be Brave Bold Robot, the purpose for the robot here on Earth was to support the local art and local music scene. The project turned out to be such a huge success that someone stole the whole newsstand right from the street. How’s that for a compliment? Hopefully, the Reviewbot is still pursuing his goal wherever it is he ended up.

Be sure to be on the lookout for the doctor whenever you are out on the town having fun, or where beautiful things are found.

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  1. JHi Jason,

    I’m hoping you remember me, I’m still working and in the same office space.

    I have a Dalmatian dog, Nick. He has just injured his rear leg and is house bound and dependent on us humans to take him outside. He’s 11, but healthy otherwise. I’m interested in designing a permanent support for his leg.

    Hope you are well and happy,

    Cynthia Easton, Architect.


    • Hello Cynthia!

      Of course I remember you. Great to hear that you are in the same place, but sad to hear about Nick. I think you have a great idea there with a support for his leg. Can I help out at all?
      Please email me and let me know.

      Hope you are doing well also, and that happiness is always pursued!!



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