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Judy Jacobs

An artist since early childhood, Judy Jacobs began creating her portfolio professionally in the early 90s after going back to school to study art and design. During this time she remained in the real estate industry where she helped manage and develop commercial and residential properties in the Northern California area.

Her award-winning artwork is vivacious yet peaceful and sophisticated.  Jacobs creates intuitive paintings and unique glass designs that are derived from personal inner journeys; chemistry and strokes of chance.

Judy’s experience in the real estate development field gives her the ability to “see” a finished project before it begins, and has been very useful in her collaborations with architects, designers and art consultants on their renovation and new construction projects.   Her creations can be found in residences and businesses all over the world.


  • "Whispering Grace" - 5-panel fused glass commission for Sutter Roseville Oncology Center

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  1. I hope this finds you and your mom are doing well. Are you doing anymore of the glass ornament parties. FYI My daughter saids she had fond memories of your glass ornament party and would never forget the great time she had. take care!


    • Hi George,

      We suggest you reach out to Judy directly at

      All the best,


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