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Kanika Marshall Black Art

My goal is to share the strength and majesty of ancient cultures via beautiful, spiritual sculptures, and clay pottery that I hand-sculpt in my private art studio near Sacramento, California. I am most inspired by artwork that uses the interplay of various media to show the connection between humanity and the Earth. Clay is the foundation of my artwork, but other earthly materials such as stone and glass, as well as vivid textiles, leather, shells, beads, and recycled metal enhance the art.

I believe my African ancestors work through my fingers to create each collectible art sculpture. My creative process generally begins with a 25-pound block of red clay. Shapes of women, abstract forms, or other figures seem to take shape on the clay surface and my hands begin to move. Press. Scratch. Incise. Build. My hands are driven by a spiritual force to shape the clay. I am as surprised and delighted as my collectors by the result, and they can sense and share in the excitement I feel for the clay. Joyful. The spiritual essence from the ancestors shines through.

Some of the black doll figurines, goddess statues, mask sculptures, and art pieces are adorned with authentic African fabric, jewelry, leather, glass, beads, shells, recycled metal, stones, feathers, and other organic materials. The breast cancer survivor pendants are glazed with hopeful colors representing a zest for living. The pottery bowls and other clay vessels are decorated with interesting tribal designs an

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