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Marianne Bland

I’m a mixed media artist with a focus in realist painting. My art is typically characterized by vibrant, colorful cityscapes encapsulating the rich energy of metropolitan areas.

I began my art career at the age of 16 when I became the youngest person in the history of my hometown to obtain a business license for mural painting. I attended private art school in pursuit of a fine arts education with a focus on drawing and painting including training under renowned American artist Raymond Saunders, who was on the panel that selected me for a study abroad program in France.

Recently, I’ve been working on ArtProject2010, a self-imposed challenge to create at least one new piece of art every day for a year. Media/Materials I most frequently use acrylic paints and watercolor but also have experience with oil. Frequently used drawing media include charcoal, oil pastel, pen, graphite and conte crayon. For my mixed media abstracts, I favor vintage ephemera and printed materials, sewing notions and fabric. I make an effort to repurpose/ reuse/ upcycle whenever possible.

Themes: I paint colorful, slightly abstracted images of city scenes that I have visited and connected using my own photographs for reference. I believe that busy cities have a rich accumulation of the energy, experiences and memories of their inhabitants and I work to create an instant connection to that vibrancy in my pieces. In my mixed media pieces, I arrange vintage elements to create modern allegories around themes

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  1. Hi Marianne, I put art shows up in Davis and Sacramento restaurants and would like to schedule a show for you if you are interested. There are no fees or commissions for the following 3 available shows in 2018: Toro Bravo in Davis; Crepeville in Davis; and Crepeville in Sacramento. Depending on the sizes of your work and which location, you would need about 25 pieces for Crepeville in Davis and

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