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Mark Holcomb

Born in 1957 in Walnut Creek, California as Roger Mark Holcomb, Mr. Holcomb has experimented with Kodak Instamatic cameras and 8mm movie making.

-1971-1975: Staff Photographer at Las Lomas High School

-1977-1981: Photography/Theology Major at University of San Francisco/Academy of Art University–First place in USF wide art contest.

-1981-1983: Most formal education working in the studio or behind the camera was experienced via the conduit of traditional apprentice/master relationships. Hands on approaches in real world working situations. He began working in the studio of Jurgen Tapprich in Zurich, Switzerland in 1981. During this time he was introduced to studio craft at its highest level and the world of commercial photography. During this time he shot almost exclusively 35mm black and white film while on the streets of Zurich, and 4×5 or 8×10 transparency film in the studio. First experiences in E-6 dip and dunk processing as well as assisting with R&D on certain product literature from Sinar/Bron.

-1984-1988: Upon moving back to San Francisco he began working with photographers Richard Hixson and Larry Keenan almost exclusively between the years of 1984 and 1988. During this time he developed a mixed portfolio with abstract photography and product work and began freelance assignment work and brought his formal apprenticeship to an end.

-1986-1994: Mark Holcomb photography first opened in 1984 working out of rental studios in San Francisco. When the time was right the busi

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