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Maurizio Gaetano Rivera

It is very important to me as an artist to be able to breathe life into sculpture and create a strength and personality into each piece. It is my ambition to create work that inspires not only me, but others as well.

Although I have lived in the United States most of my life, I spent my first seven years in Verona, Italy. My Italian ancestry is one of the reasons that I chose to work with Gladiators and Knights as my foremost concentration and the reason that I am so drawn to the Renaissance period.

My goal as an artist is to incite an interest into to the fascinating history of these fascinating warriors and ultimately bring history to life through my sculpture. I am honored and grateful to be able to follow my dream and look forward to many years of learning and creating artwork that sparks interest in knowledge in the arts and history.

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  1. Love to have another masterpiece of yours. I will contact you when I visit Sacramento.


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