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Michelle Andres

Michelle Andres work, largely abstract, explores our human condition, the possibilities of our time here and the choices we make which lead to the creation of our lives.

Non-representational abstract work does not so much tell a story to us; it reminds us of our own stories. We may remember a specific time, experience, feeling, or the “stimulus” may tap into us at the moment of viewing. That connection can speak to different people in so many different ways – each from their own, unique, personal experiences.

Andres works with paint, inks, graphite and sometimes words. She focuses on exploring line and space through layers of paint and mark making. Many works are rich in symbolism. Sometimes, she uses resin as part of my process and usually work in a series. Sometimes the series are related to one another, sometimes not.

The beauty of a piece, much like that of a person, reveals itself through the process of “getting known.” That curiosity is why she paints.


  • That's The Way It Goes - Mixed Media Diptych with Resin 54x36

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