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Patty Paige Short

Patty Paige Short is a multi-disciplined, award winning artist who creates in various mediums. She specializes in neon illuminated works combined with other mediums to create technically complex pieces. Some of her large, luminous neon sculptures are found in both public and private collections. Her neon passion has also drawn her toward film productions, where her neon expertise were put to use. Her work appears in Phenomenon starring John Travolta & Robert Duvall, Straight from the Heart starring Andrew McCarthy, and also in Farewell Bender.

She creates art works that incorporate many different themes and concepts. It is often abstract and complex, yet simple and engaging, but always riveting. Her creativity has been inspired by her many trips abroad where she has drawn from other cultures and their art forms. Her artwork leaves you with a compelling visual experience, in which she urges the viewer to draw from their own imagination and life’s emotions for interpretation to her art.

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