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Raphael Delgado

Hello … Inspiration for my art has come from family, life experiences, studying and living throughout California. I have settled in my hometown, Sacramento, to be able to paint everyday. My studio serves as a haven to wrestle with my inner most thoughts, and put them on a visual platform. My thoughts and emotions are constantly changing just like my art work. The art work I make has links to abstract-expressionism and abstract-impressionism, as well as strong cubistic qualities. I incorporate many styles and emotions to create an image from my memory or imagination.

At times the painting can be bright and energetic, filled with love and movement. At other times the painting is dark and nocturnal bringing a sense of disquieting tension. Vivid colors and complex line patterns emerge as a language of rhythm, motion and fluid energy. Oils and acrylics on canvas serve as my main medium, because of the different depths, shades, consistency, texture and color they can create.

In December of 2009 I am hosting a Crayons to Canvas Art Supply Drive for Stanford Home for Children. Donations will help Stanford Home further develop its art therapy program for local children. We hope to include the art community in helping all children gain access to art supplies, especially for art therapy. Please call Veronica (my wife) with any questions about making appointment to view art work, or for the Crayons to Canvas Art Supply Drive, 916-792-4947 Thank you! -RD

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