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Ray Cornett

Ray Cornett is a self-taught freelance professional photographer with a penchant for image purity in his work. This means his photographs are unretouched for the most part. Any retouching Ray does mimics only the techniques used in a traditional dark room and is done only in the rarest of instances. His first attempts at photography started at about the age of ten shooting anything he found interesting from flowers to people to inanimate objects and tall buildings in the downtown area of his hometown of Cincinnati, with a 1940s Kodak Brownie he purchased for two dollars at a garage sale. Then, in Ray’s early teen years he moved on to his parents Yashica Electro 35 35mm camera which he commandeered and still has to this day.

In 2001 Ray began photography on a professional level shooting models for fashion, glamour, the occasional wedding. Therefore, due to client demands for faster turn around time for the results of the shoots, his film photography fell by the wayside. However, over the last couple of years his photography has taken him back to his roots of art photography. As a result Ray is beginning to use only film for his art photography while still being able to keep clients happy by using digital equipment if required. Ray has several new series and themed projects in the works and he is working on self publishing a series of books of his photography.

As you can see Ray’s subjects of interest vary widely but the premise of his work is – There is beauty in everyth

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