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Stephanie Taylor

After an idyllic childhood growing up in Sacramento, CA, I began my career in Los Angeles in print media and advertising. I attended Art Center at night while working as an art director by day. Creating billboards on Sunset Blvd. I forged a fascination with scale in architecture and the impact of image in the urban environment. I attained a degree in History from UCLA in 1977, and inspired by large-scale images, I started painting on any surface I could find.

My work is all over the US and in Paris and Kyoto. A blank surface was, and still is a personal challenge. The Amelia Earhart mural in 1991 intensified my interest in full-sized human figures and a curiosity about connections between location, history and humans in the contemporary urban environment, and between the past and the present. I think of myself as a visual historian.

Since moving back to Sacramento in 1984, I have maintained a consistent exhibition schedule of work that is driven, not by location, but by internal interests. A pass

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