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Thomas Ramey

Thomas Ramey is a freelance metal artist who builds everything from fine art pieces, to furniture, to large-scale architectural projects. Thomas has been working with metals for over 25 years. Starting as an apprentice for an Indy car racing machine shop in high school, Thomas quickly started to see more than parts and started building odd sculptures with the leftover pieces of steel. After walking away from art to become a touring musician for a decade, Thomas returned with a vengeance, as soon as he returned to art, he had a mission, to turn the sketches he had been doodling with on the road into reality. Thomas opened a studio in the historic Stutz arts and business center, in Indianapolis. This studio would be the home and beginning to more than he had dreamed. Spending four years there, Thomas soon got the attention of many interior designers and architects that wanted him to do larger scale projects. Thomas began working in the upscale neighborhoods of Indianapolis and Chicago. One of Thomas’ chandeliers was commissioned for a house in Lake Forest Ill. that was built by Francis Ford Coppola’s grandfather, for his mother. After working with various metals, from aluminum, brass, copper, bronze and mild steel, Thomas feels most at home with mild steel.

The work of Thomas Ramey is that of an artist who knows no limit to his craft and is always searching for the next idea to bring to life.

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