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Tj Lev

Sacramento native, TJ began painting a few years ago when she became overwhelmed with an urge to paint. She was obsessed and just had to paint! She typically use acrylics: her art is whimsical, very colorful, bold, fun and is heavily inspired by folk art.

She loves the magic of the natural world, the ocean, the moon, and the clash of a city landscape. Her joy of painting musicians comes from my love of watching my hubby Joe make beautiful music. Vibrant fat ladies come from life experience, and a belief that curves are beautiful!

TJ is often inspired by something small, an object, a shadow, a reflection, spiced up with a lively imagination and wacky sense of humor. Be well; be creative!


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  1. I was wondering if I could view and possibly purchase your paintings on line?


    • Hi Dan,

      Here is a link to Tj's website. Hopefully this Contact Page can answer your question.

      All the best,


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