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Vince Horiuchi

Over the past 13 years Vince has been breakdancing and teaching dance for a living. He dances for the Sacramento Kings, teach both regular and special education in South Sacramento and has recently appeared on BET’s 106 and Park.

Breakdancing has been a major part of his life — the first time he ever traveled on an airplane was to France for a breakdance competition. Since 2005, Vince has been teaching for the Very Special Arts Program, Passage After School Program, the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission Model Arts Program and the Any Given Child Program. He has also been performing for the Sacramento Kings since 2005 as well as with his dance group, 2nd Nature.

As a business major Vince was able to apply what he learned in school to help further his career as a dancer. Although he notes that he is probably making a lot less money than he could be, he declined the offers and decided to pursue what he loves to do — dance. To find a way to make himself stand out above the rest of the extremely talented dancers out there, he discovered videography. With video he has been able to be a part of a number of productions including, music videos, short films, events and weddings. Vince launched a YouTube channel called vincanitv where he films and produces dance tutorials for kids to learn from for free. These soon spread worldwide and now has over 90,000 followers; however, Vince isn't interested in just making popular videos. Vince wants to create videos that will change in the

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