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  1. Chris,

    You have always given 100% to your performances, so I always enjoy them. Captain Hook and Mr. Darling were great. You can't have a good Peter Pan without a good Captain Hook. Everyone else did a great job too,



  2. Thank you for this piece on Christopher Nachtrab. He is one of my favorite dancers of the fabulous Sacramento Ballet and a local treasure even if we did snatch him from Long Island. He's so much more than a dancer - he's an artist, a performer, and an actor. When he dances a part I feel as though I know the character's entire backstory and that's all through the movement of Chris' body and the

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  3. Loved the article, Christopher! And certainly loved Viva Vavaldi. So interesting you did it 13 years ago!!!
    YOU KNOW I AM A BIG FAN OF YOURS! Yes, I,too, hope the future directors of our fine Sacramento Ballet continue to keep the fine quality of dancers and dances that the Cunningham's have poured their hearts and talents into.
    I feel so proud of our Sacramento Ballet Company and dancers.


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