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Sacramento Arts, Culture, and Creative Economy Commissioner

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Sacramento Arts, Culture, and Creative Economy Commissioner




The purpose of the commission is to provide advice and recommendations for promoting, encouraging, and fostering the arts, innovation, and tourism, in the city.

Membership Categories:

Members shall live in the City of Sacramento and have a demonstrated history of community involvement or interest in fostering of the arts, innovation, or tourism of the city. Members shall have past or current experience as an educator, supporter, advocate, administrator, curator, historian, or critic of the arts. No current elected officer or employee of the city shall be appointed to the commission.

Size: 11 Members
Term Length: 4 Years
Term Limit: N/A

To apply, click here and click “apply” in the upper right hand corner to bring up the application. Please select “Sacramento Arts, Culture, and Creative Economy” as the City Advisory Body.


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  1. My name is AJ dellaringa for the past 15 years I have worked and studied art and Sacramento California I attended Sacramento City College where I participated and several collaborative art projects and I'm continuing in my art practice now I paint and I sculpt


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