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Wildlife Care Association Fall Photo Contest

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Call for Artist - DEADLINE :  
Wildlife Care Association Fall Photo Contest


Give Wildlife Care Association (WCA) of Sacramento your best shot in the third annual Wildlife Care Fall Photo Contest! The Wildlife Care Association of Sacramento invites you to submit your best picture of a bird or birds in your backyard, local park or other regional location.

The Fall Photo contest begins October 1, 2017 and concludes Dec 31, 2017. Entries can be made in two categories: Under Age 12, and Age 12 and over. Entries can be submitted online thru the Wildlife Care Association Facebook page 24/7.

The WCA Photo Contest winner will be awarded a special prize including a guided tour of the Rescue Dome at McClellan Park, their photo featured in the newsletter, posted at the rescue facility and on Facebook/Instagram as a hero of nature! 2015 winner Rita Braley’s Pigeon Taking Off was taken at Discovery Park and 2016 winner Susan Bouclin’s Quail on the Fence, in her Folsom backyard.

Give us the bird! Snap some shots, submit them and let’s see if they fly!

Individual entries in the Over 12 category should include a minimum $5.00 donation to WCA thru the Facebook donation button! (Note: If you are Under 12 years old you can enter free!) Each photo may be entered only once, but individuals may submit more than one each quarter. Submissions should include your email, the location photo was taken, and your best guess what type of bird this might be.


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  1. When will the next photo contest take happen?


    • Hi Julie,

      Not sure, but you can reach out to the organization via the Association's Facebook page:

      Note: You still have time to enter the Wildlife Care Association Fall Photo Contest. Contest deadline is December 31.



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