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3 Point 0

3 Point 0

Urban Dance has quickly grown to be the most powerful influence over young people throughout the world. Hip-Hop, once dismissed as a rapping and break-dancing fad, has grown and transformed itself into a lifestyle, language, and means of expression that has captured the day-to-day struggle as well as the hopes and dreams of millions of youth.

Since 2006, 3 Point 0, Inc. has been officially providing community support services to local at risk youth. 3.0 provides health and educational support services to the youth of the Sacramento area. They focus primarily on students in elementary, middle, and high school with grade point averages lower than 3.0. They offer program participants opportunities to participate in an exciting, self-esteem building urban dance company as well as a mentoring program that provides tutoring support.

Through the work of their dedicated staff and volunteer team, they are able to teach students to maintain a positive academic focus and develop critical life and social skills. They promote a healthy lifestyle, and, most importantly, that there is no limit to what any person can achieve when they maintain focus and put forth their full effort.


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