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Albie Aware Breast Cancer Foundation

Albie Aware Breast Cancer Foundation

This foundation was created in memory of Albie Carson who succumbed to breast cancer on July 4, 2002. Albie was a 50-year resident of Sacramento where she attended school, raised a family, and made a career in the real estate community. She developed strong ties to the area and was well known and loved by her peers and clients alike. It is fitting that her legacy continues to be one of selfless giving.

Albie Aware’s goal is to raise money to help others in the community who face their own battles with this disease. Albie lost her life because she not aware of all the tests and treatments available at her stage of the disease. Albie Aware Breast Cancer Foundation is the only foundation that actually writes checks for people who need valuable testing for breast cancer when the insurance companies refuse to pay or when the co-pay is too high or they do not have insurance. All of the money raised stays in the nine counties surrounding Sacramento. Instead of supporting research, Albie Aware takes care of people with breast cancer and helps those at high risk of breast cancer.

Albie Aware Breast Cancer Foundation is a local non-profit 501(c)3 dedicated to breast cancer education, outreach, and screening in the greater Sacramento Region.


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