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California Citizens for Health Freedom (Non Profit) Sacramento Chapter

California Citizens for Health Freedom (Non Profit) Sacramento Chapter

The mission of the organization is to protect and expand the right of citizens to have access to alternative medicine, natural treatments, natural nutritional products and to have a toxic free environment. It is the only citizens’ 501-(C)4, non-profit legislative natural health freedom advocacy grass roots organization maintaining an active presence in the State Capitol.

This enables us to:
-Focus on California legislative issues, sponsor bills, testify before committees, and monitor the thousands of bills presented each year
-Do advocacy in support of or against Federal Bills, this is important because the California Congressional Delegation is the largest and possible the most influential the nation
-Build support for our legislative goals by maintaining an active involvement with other grassroots organizations that are active in the Capitol. -Sponsor educational workshops in the Capitol for legislative personnel, lobbyists, and leaders of organizations
-To provide educational material on a regular bases to key legislatures and their staff


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