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Capital Stage Company

Capital Stage Company

Capital Stage Company’s mission is to be a dynamic leader in the evolution of the contemporary live theatre landscape in the Capital region and to passionately engage audiences in the art of live storytelling with bold, innovative plays performed by professional artists, in an intimate, up close setting.

With a strong commitment to expanding the base of working artists in the greater Sacramento region, Capital Stage develops a company of actors, directors, writers, designers, and technical staff who are dedicated to bringing bold, lively productions of contemporary and classic plays to the community.

While part of the mission of any theatre company is to entertain its audience, Capital Stage feels strongly that the productions they mount address issues that are vital to understanding the society we live in and ourselves as human beings in that society. They address themes of power and manipulation in relationships between men and women, children and parents, and organizations and individuals. Capital Stage invites audiences to question the ethics and meaning of art, the definitions of sanity and intelligence, and the line between exploitation and legitimate relationship.

Capital Stage believes that in a large and growing urban environment, where individuals and groups are constantly bombarded with information and demands for decisions, the need for thoughtful examination of our interactions in society has never been greater.


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