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Casa de Brazilian Folkloric Arts of Sacramento

Casa de Brazilian Folkloric Arts of Sacramento

Casa de Brazilian Folkloric Arts of Sacramento is non-profit organization that strives to bring Brazilian Folkloric Arts especially Brazilian Capoeira to communities everywhere. The organization was founded in 2000 by Master Caboclinho. A world reknown artist from Salvador Bahia Brazil who has been studying and teaching Brazilian folkloric arts for over 40 years.

Its programs include performances and classes in Samba, Afro-Brazilian rhythms and folkloric dances of Brazil. Much of its focus is on the folkloric Brazilian art of Capoeira. Capoeira combines music, philosophy, folkloric arts and self-defense to form an art that is played between two people. Capoeira’s teachings impart important life skills that assists children and adults in their personal growth. Including self discipline, self confidence, conflict resolution as well as physical fitness and rhythm!


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  1. Sac Dance Lab would love to perform a Brazilian-themed number for your event!


    • Hi Isela,

      Please reach out at or (916) 588-5463 to learn more about their upcoming Brazilian Day Sacramento event.

      All the best,


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