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CELI INC’s mission is to increase the level of achievement of high risk youth and young adults, improve their economic status and contribute to the region’s economy by providing adult mentoring, GED preparation and supports that will help them launch and progress in a career and/or post-secondary education.

CELI INC has been dedicated to addressing the diverse needs of women, men and families through its Competitive Advantage Program (CAP) a goal oriented mentor program, career and educational support that continues through self-sufficiency, job readiness classes, and annual events and activities that enable participants exposure to local area professionals. In addition, both organizations provide educational workshops on topics such as financial management, dealing with stress, time management, interaction styles, etc. 

We have partnered with Brighta Days CSI Inc. which focuses primarily on women, parenting challenges, and domestic violence.

There are three major programs and or categories that each person falls into. Participants can be enrolled into more than one program, for instance, People escaping a violent environment will be enrolled into our mentoring program and if needed our GED program. 
-Mentoring support
-GED preparedness support
-Domestic violence support


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