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Correctional Workers Who Care

Correctional Workers Who Care

The mission of Correctional Workers Who Care is to provide necessary assistance for those in need. They are a group of men and women dedicating their efforts toward narrowing the gap in community support through volunteerism. The goal of the group is to collaborate with other community-based organizations to help raise funds, build a volunteer database, and make referrals for basic necessities–food, shelter, clothes–when/where needed. As a non-profit organization they strive to help and improve the lives of others who otherwise would not get the services they so desperately need.

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  1. How do I sign up my to Toddlers and two other toddlers into your Christmas program on Meadowview Road in Sacramento California


    • Hi Jaime,

      Please email the group at to see if programs are still available.

      All the best,


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