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Éclat Media Group

Éclat Media Group

Éclat n. (aye-klah) 1. Great brilliance, as of performance or achievement. 2. Conspicuous success. 3. Great acclamation or applause.

Éclat Media Group, LLC is a multi-faceted independent marketing, promotion, public relations, special events coordinating, consulting company. We cover business, non-profit, and many other entertainment venues. We offer exposure to the masses with name branding, product introduction and promotion. We represent the diversity among current and upcoming urban professionals who may not always have money to blow at the latest nightclub or concert production. We understand the value of having fun at a well-planned event and are connoisseurs of quality entertainment for any audience.

Éclat aims to make consumers feel like a millionaire on a “hundredaire” budget. We offer a voice to an underrepresented demographic that often gets lost in translation when current popular marketing tactics are used. Éclat Media Group understands the importance of always enhancing yours and our brand while always keeping in mind to never tarnish it. This is done by using our fresh ideas and market research to increase your visibility. We always aim to be a reflection of the word éclat and to be "All Things Great". Give us your vision; we’ll give you your dream.


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