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Folklorico Calli Dance Academy

Folklorico Calli Dance Academy

Folklorico Calli Dance Academy is a non-profit performing arts program with the purpose of promoting cultural awareness, self-confidence, perseverance, social interaction, self-esteem and physical activity while providing structure and a creative outlet to the youth of our communities.

The academy teaches Mexican Folklore regional dances (commonly known as Folklorico) along with its history and legends. Folklorico is a tradition of the Mexican Culture that is exciting and fun. Students get to experience performing at various events. We are a family oriented organization.Participants glow in self-confidence, take pride in their efforts, establish friendships, participate in positive community interactions through volunteer activities and perform at various events.


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  1. Savana and i are thinking about starting back. Any room for us? 616 5080 what time and days are you practicing now


    • Hi Lisa,

      Thanks for reaching out! Please reach out to Folkloriko Calli Dance directly at (916) 207-8281 or visit for class information.

      Good luck,


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