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Free Fall Stage

Free Fall Stage

Free Fall Stage’s mission is to be a community theatre of excellence, quality, and integrity, and they strive to teach the art of theatre in its entirety, appropriate to learning and age level, and to present professional quality productions that patrons of all ages can enjoy.

Free Fall Stage believes theatre should be studied in all its aspects in order to understand and use the art to its fullest potential; an actor who only learns to “act,” will only be as effective as a chef who only knows how to make one dish; soon they, and those they serve, will tire of its taste. Free Fall Stage strives to entertain with productions the entire family can enjoy, no matter the genre, subject matter, or cast make up–whether these productions are with junior/senior high students performing alone, as part of a whole, or with adults in community theatre productions. Free Fall Stage does not see a need for a demarcation between productions “just for adults or ‘mature’ audiences.” and those “just for children.” While theatre can be merely used for entertainment purposes, Free Fall Stages endeavors to choose scripts that will often provoke conversation and thought long after the patron leaves the theatre.

Free Fall Stage was formerly THE Actors Workshop & Integral Theatre Company.


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