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Harris Center for the Arts

Harris Center for the Arts

Harris Center for the Arts is a $50 million facility dedicated to the performing and visual arts. Artists arrive from around the world, and throughout the community, to the newest arts venue in the capital region.

Harris Center marks an enormous change in this area's arts scene, and it just might change the way you, your friends, and family experience the campus, the city of Folsom, and the multicultural world of performance.

Funded by state and local bonds, with additional support from the Los Rios Community College District and donations to the Folsom Lake College Foundation, the performing arts center is a beehive of activity, with over 400 events annually.

The presenting program brings touring artists from all over the world. Harris Center is an engaging partner to some of the finest local and regional companies in dance, music, and theatre. Harris Center deepens the educational experience of Folsom Lake College, giving students and faculty a facility in which to develop their craft and present it to family, friends, and you.


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