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High end modern and contemporary art gallery in East Sacramento (around H St. and 56th St.). JAYJAY hosts art exhibitions every other month featuring their fantastic, regional stable of established, museum-track artists.

With more than 30 years of experience between them, JAYJAY’s owners, Beth Jones and Lynda Jolley, personify a fundamental truth about art dealing. Namely, that it is first and foremost an exercise in connoisseurship: of attracting top artists and then sharing their work with others by way of passionate example.

Jones and Jolley are both “obsessive collectors,” and their ability to modulate their enthusiasm to suit the needs of their clients has enabled them to build a reputation for integrity, taste, and vision.

One measure of their vision is the company they keep. JAYJAY’s small stable of artists includes many of the region’s most respected names, about 20 in all, representing painting, sculpture, and photography. And while these artists are all quite different from each other, they do have two things in common: they are all mature artists with extensive exhibition records and they have regional or national reputations.

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