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Old City Cemetery Committee

Old City Cemetery Committee

The Old City Cemetery Committee was organized in 1986 by a group of concerned citizens who were appalled by the ravages of vandalism that toppled and maliciously marred many of the City Cemetery’s beautiful old stones and monuments. Disquieted by the years of obvious neglect and mistreatment, they decided to become a voice of concern over the future of this important community resource.

In 1987, the group became a standing committee of the Sacramento County Historical Society. In January of 2003, a new independent nonprofit support group was formed as the Old City Cemetery Committee, Inc. and has been recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as an IRC 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt corporation. The new organization continues its dedication to the restoration, beautification, and preservation of this historic burial ground.

The mission of the Old City Cemetery Committee is:
To join hands with the community to restore, beautify, preserve, and protect the Historic City Cemetery, while maintaining access by descendants of the deceased, and to provide educational services to all visitors to the Historic City Cemetery of Sacramento.

As the Old City Cemetery Committee, Inc., sets its goals and objectives for the coming years, we are aware of new community priorities, diminishing budgets, and the increasing need to preserve our historical focus. We have began a focused effort toward community education, preservation, restoration, and beautification of the cemetery and its artifacts. As a re

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