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Old Soul Co.

Old Soul Co.

Founded in 2006, Old Soul Co. was formed by the wine-aided brainstorming sessions of friends Jason Griest and Tim Jordan. Jason and Tim met over coffee, so to speak–Tim was one of Jason’s first customers after he moved to Sacramento to open Naked Lounge coffeehouse in 2002.

Almost 4 years later, the friendship blossomed into a business partnership, as their love for the artisanal crafts of bread baking and coffee roasting were married to the accidental discovery of an obscure but charming warehouse location in an alley in the heart of midtown Sacramento.

They set out to “hang their shingle,” which occurred after six months of toil and sweat renovating the building and buying the equipment needed for the startup venture. As Jason worked the roaster and Tim kneaded on the bread workbench, the history of Old Soul Co. and its place in the heart of the urban Sacramento landscape was born.

Thank you to the many friends, old and new, that have made Old Soul Co. a special part of the Sacramento community.

Old Soul Co. is the parent of both Old Soul Cafe and Old Soul at Weatherstone coffee houses.

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