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R Street Corridor

R Street Corridor

The R Street Corridor is a 27-block long, two-block wide special planning district within Sacramento’s Central City Community. Once a thriving warehouse district, which bisected and isolated the north and south communities of downtown, the future of R Street now resides in its transformation to a new, transit-oriented, mixed-use neighborhood. The R Street of tomorrow will take advantage of multiple modes of transit, a gritty industrial past, and distinct urban form to create a truly unique and distinguished neighborhood.

Currently, the most popular blocks of the Corridor is the 14th-15th Street Block . Home to various restaurants, bars, salons, and other eateries it is a lively addition to the Sacramento community and one of many great developments planned for the Corridor.

The 54 Block Corridor lies between Q Street and S Street, and runs east-west from 29th Street to I-5 Freeway. CADA’s jurisdiction on the R Street Corridor runs from 9th to 19th Streets, Downtown Development jurisdiction runs from 2nd to 9th Streets.


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