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Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op

Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op

The Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op’s vision is to provide the benefits of natural foods and products, economic cooperation, and sustainable practices to as many people as possible in the communities we serve.

In 2001, the Co-op’s Board of Directors adopted a new strategic plan for the organization after many months of gathering input from over 2000 owners through focus groups, special owner meetings and an extensive survey.

2001 also marked the year that the doors opened to the Co-op Community Learning Center, adjacent to the Sacramento store and home to cooking classes, health seminars and a variety of owner meetings and special events. This center allows the Co-op to serve the Co-op owners and support the community through consumer education, owner meetings and events, outreach activities and charitable programs and projects.

Today, the Co-op is over 39 years old with annual sales of over 26 million dollars, a community of owners that exceeds 12,000 and our Sacramento store that continues to thrive. The Co-op has come a long way from the buying club days, but still stays true to their cooperative roots with the multitude of discussions on product selection, owner services, retail practices and ethical issues that take place every day in their business.

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