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Soap Salon (Closed)

Soap Salon (Closed)

Soap Salon features a wide variety of soap molds and soap making supplies. They also custom-make soap molds for you based on your own design. Product lines include essential oils, fragrance oils, unscented and uncolored lotions, shampoos, conditioners, bath and shower gels, soap molds, and soap making supplies. They host soap making classes.


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  1. My friend told me about your class for body butter please email me times and dates of classes and prices. Thanks and God bless.


    • Hi Nona,

      Try reaching out directly to Soap Salon at or viewing the class calendar here:

      Good luck,


  2. Business is permanently closed down. The address is a private residence not associated with the closed down business. Please remove the address.


    • Hi Luis,

      Thank you for the update. The address has been removed and the business information has been updated

      Sacramento365 Team


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