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The Urban Hive

The Urban Hive

The Urban Hive is a membership-based community of creative independent professionals sick of the status quo, sick of working in the isolation of a home office or the social disconnect and noise of the urban coffee shop, people who want a place to refresh and be stimulated creatively and to find like-thinking individuals with whom they can collaborate. They long for something more, but, until now, they haven’t been able to put their thumb on what that actually is. For this person, The Urban Hive’s little community provides a sanctuary of sorts, for the independent that has successfully escaped (or simply avoided–bravo!) American office culture.

Being an independent is often a solitary existence. The Urban Hive gives that independent a place to go–an un-office, if you will–to work, create, collaborate, refresh, and (yes) play.

Think of it as a great company culture, just without the company. We believe that we should all want to go to work, that the place that we work should enhance the work that we do. And we believe that there is a value in working alongside other creative professionals and entrepreneurs that share our values.


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