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Two Rivers Cider Company

Two Rivers Cider Company

Back when founder Vince Sterne started Two Rivers Cider Company there weren’t any micro ciders on the market. Cider not only seemed like a fun way to get into the fermentation industry but because it doesn’t require a brew house, it was a much easier set-up. The learning curve was steep because making cider is more like making wine than brewing beer.

It took a fair amount of cider tasting as well as traveling to Europe where cider had more of a following before Sterne got the science of it down. One of the things that make Two Rivers unique is that they didn’t merely find a cider that people liked and then stop there; the cider makers at Two Rivers are constantly trying to make better cider and experiment with new flavors so that long-time customers have new things to try and new tasters have many exciting options.

The ciders at Two Rivers do not have sugar added in to sweeten them up – they are made so that the fruits are the focus. Other fruits are blended with the apples to create distinct flavors and variety: the Huckleberry cider is sweeter and more floral, the ever-popular Pomegranate is more tart in profile, and there is even a Triple Hopped Cider for those who prefer hop-heavy beverages.

​After being in business 20 years, Sterne and his crew decided that the popularity and awareness of cider had risen enough that a cider pub could thrive. In July of 2016 Two Rivers opened their tasting room on the same premises where they make all their cider. In less than a

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