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Vietnamese American Community of Sacramento

Vietnamese American Community of Sacramento

The Vietnamese American Community of Sacramento (VACOS) maintains and preserves the Vietnamese culture and traditions with children and elders. The mission is to provide a wonderful family experience for all to celebrate the Lunar New Year, while at the same time providing a venue to promote local businesses and organizations in building a lasting relationship with their consumers.


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  1. I am a professor in Sacramento. For 7 years I have taken my doctoral students to Vietnam to work in the Hue area in small villages training women to become health advocates. I then pay them to visit families for instruction and training on changing health behaviors to reduce parasitic disease. In January 2017, we tested all first and second grade school children and found that 90% had worms.

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    • Hi Suni,

      We suggest you reach out to VACOS directly at (916) 583-3902 to see if they would be interested.

      Best of luck,


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