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Vina's PlayHouse

Vina's PlayHouse

Vina’s Play House is a fresh play-writing company that provides the passion and the love for what they do in every script. Rather, it’s a script written for a client or script performed for an audience. VPH (Vina’s Play House) is a place where souls are won by laughter, tears, and just the feeling when we are on stage. VPH makes certain that God is in every performance. Their goal is to heal broken hearts and troubled minds and to bring people closer to Him. VPH has a gifted cast that loves the Lord, which you can see whenever and wherever they perform.

VPH’s theater classes are geared toward people ranging in age from 4 years old to 60 years old. Each student learns theater terminology, stage direction, and presence; learning how to handle your personal life while on and off the stage; as well as improv and silence acting.

The Theater Company is directed by Savina Hall. She writes all her plays and scripts from true experiences and you can see this in her cast.


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