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Whole Earth Festival

Whole Earth Festival

The mission of the Whole Earth Festival (WEF) is to envision and create a community-driven festival of education, music, and art.

During the festival, we ensure that as little ‘waste’ as possible is generated. We cultivate amazing, organic produce grown in the WEF garden into tasty, nutritional meals to feed volunteers, staff, and performers, while making it both yummy and educational. Frugality and ecological sustainability come hand in hand. As we educate and engage the festival goers, we are careful with the resources we create and consume.

We rely on each other more (and rely on corporations and oil less) by carpooling and sharing our homes. Most importantly, we want to create a safe, educational, and inspiring environment as a whole, not simply for the three days we set up on the Quad.

We want to develop a conscious community that will go out into the world after the festival and encourage the values that we hold dear. We are all equal participants in the conscious creation that is the Whole Earth Festival.


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