Jennifer Licko

Jennifer Licko



Primarily a Celtic Folk Artist, Jennifer Licko is experienced as an educator and performer and strives to provide students with interactive & engaging programs to promote cultural diversity through music and dance. Her credentials include a BA in Music Education from East Carolina University, Scottish Gaelic Studies from the School of Scottish studies at Edinburgh University in Scotland, as well as years of living in Scotland, Ireland and Brazil to further her knowledge of the cultures and traditions.

Jennifer provides cultural arts in education programs to promote the diversity of Ireland, Scotland and Brazil. Her performances include dance, instruments, languages, songs and customs from the culture. Jennifer has performed for students throughout The United States, Canada, Europe, Great Britain, the Caribbean, Brazil, Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Educators and PTA members have praised Jennifer's engaging programs for the cultural content being educational AND entertaining. School Show Reviews "...Such wonderful feedback from teachers and parents. Some parents said that their children came home singing and dancing. One teacher said that it was the best Cultural Arts program that they've ever seen." Robbin Smith,Huntersville Elementary, NC - PTA "You have come to our school for several years. Each year I look forward to your performance. It's refreshing, informative and fun. I always leave with a wish for more of your music to listen to." Francis Justen, Swansboro Elementary School, NC - Teacher "Jennifer Licko brought to our school a chance to look at a culture different from our own. She opened the eyes of the students to not only heritage but to what awaits those with interested minds." Cindy Paredes, Onslow County, NC - Teacher